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Leadership Tools

Leadership Icebreakers_

Leadership Icebreakers

We’ve gathered OVER 35 icebreakers for YOU to use! These icebreakers are introduced in a certain format with icons to represent them; you can read here to understand the various sections of the icebreaker.

Team Building Activities_

Team Building Activities

In this section, I offer you several free team building exercises as a resource for you to use for your team or organization. In each of the exercises, I have created unique team exercise sheets for you to download, print and use. Make good use of them to bring your team to the next level!

Quotes About Leadership

This section Quotes about Leadership has over 700 quotes made by great men and women of old. Learn about them here and apply them in your speeches, talks and use them for your personal inspiration.

Leadership Lessons From Your Favorite Leaders

Business Leadership Profiles

Business is a proving ground for many a great leader, and the corporate world is full of examples of both leadership successes and failures.We take a closer look at men and women who have made an impact with their leadership — changing the face of how we do business, and in some cases, how we live.

Sports Leadership Profiles

Behind the success of athletes, sports teams, coaches and managers are evergreen principles such as hard work, discipline and teamwork. In this section, we look at coaches, managers and athletes who are well known for their success in their respective sports.

Leadership Lessons from Spiritual Leaders (1)

Spiritual Leadership Profiles

To be an effective, inspiring leader, learn from the best. Role modelling and learning from successful people is one way of improving your leadership skills. In this section, we look at spiritual leaders who have inspired, influenced and even changed the thoughts, beliefs and values of their age.

More Great Leadership Resources

Steve Jobs on Leadership

Steve Jobs left behind an incredible legacy: From computers and technology, to music and movies, his influence and innovations revolutionized industries. They continue to shape how we consume information and entertainment, achieve productivity, and communicate with each other in modern times.

Funny Leadership Quotes

Not all quotes about Leadership have to be serious. Funny quotes can also inspire us and help us become more adept leaders. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a quote to spice up your presentation and make people laugh. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Leadership Lessons From Elon Musk

Elon Musk on Leadership

Elon Musk is a business mogul, engineer and inventor, best known for founding and leading SpaceX (a company that aims to lower the costs of building rockets with the ultimate goal of multi-planetary colonization by humans) and Tesla Motors (a company that produces electric cars).

Your Leadership Guides

Hey, we’re the Leadership Geeks. We’re geeky about… well, leadership. And personal growth, and being the most awesome version of ourselves that we can be!


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