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A Leadership Minute: Understanding your Personality Type

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A Leadership Minute: Understanding your Personality Type

I’ve always been fascinated by studies by researchers on different personalities and with all the personality tests that have been around for a while: DISC, MBTI, the Big 5 and so on. I think the idea that people are different in specific, understandable ways is extremely needful today.

How many times have we got into unnecessary conflicts because we simply do not grasp the idea that people are different from us? No matter how many times we are told this: Everyone is unique. Everyone is special.

We still commit the same unconscious assumption that people think, believe, act, perceive the way we do. Well, here’s some old news for you: they don’t.

All the more important if you’re a leader; as a leader, your role is to bring out the utmost potential in every individual put under your care. Your role is empowerment and the unleashing of potential. Imagine how amazing it would be if you knew what each person was excellent at and you could aid them in striving to become better in that area.

You won’t get team players who are stressed out, sick of their work, constantly frustrated by the challenges; instead you find team players who are able to use in their work what is inherent and natural to them. You’ll truly have a very effective team.

I’m convinced myself. I’ve signed up for a course to be certified as a trainer for MBTI. As I’ve learnt, MBTI is the most famous and popular personality test, used by over 3 million Americans at the moment.

And after next week, I’ll be fully qualified to run a course on the Myer Briggs Type Indicator and interpret it for people. I’m excited for the opportunity to grow and learn, and to train others.

I’ve done some pre-reading of the MBTI before my course and here I offer you some basic understanding of the 4 MBTI traits.

An extravert prefers to live in the world of people and things, while an introvert prefers the world of concepts and ideas.

An intuitive person sees possibility and meanings through events and observations, while a sensing person gathers solid-hard facts from the environment.

A thinker makes decisions by objective impersonal, logical analysis while a feeler makes decisions by subjective, personal values.

A preceptor likes to leave decisions to the last minute, while a judge prefers to come to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Under the MBTI, a person’s personality can be defined with 4 letters, one from each dimension, i.e INTP, ESTJ, ENFP,… and in total, there are 16 possible combinations.

Some people I share this with say that: “But I do both thinking and feeling.” Here’s some clarification, it’s a PREFERENCE. We can all operate in all 8 dimensions. A thinker can feel too, and a feeler and think… but the personality test tells you which mental process do you PREFER to operate in.

After I’ve been through the course, I can write some articles on it, and it’ll be helpful for you as a leader personally and also help you to understand certain strengths and weaknesses of your team as well. Meanwhile you can visit an article about the MBTI which has been written a while back.

Till then, I wish you a good March season.

To your success,

New Articles on the Site

I’ve added another 20 icebreakers to the collection and about 300 new leadership quotes to the collection. If you’ve been using my site as a resource site for your activities and speeches, you will find these additions useful for you!

Leadership Quotes
This section Quotes about Leadership has over 776 quotes made by great men and women of old. Learn about them here and apply them in your speeches, talks and use them for your personal inspiration.

Leadership Icebreakers
This section Leadership Icebreakers introduces over 30 different games and icebreakers you can use to introduce leadership lessons, lift up the atmosphere and bond the crowd.

Recommended Books and Resources

About 5 years ago, I started writing my first book at the age of 23. At that time, I felt really discouraged because I knew I was writing in the world of John C Maxwell, Tim Elmore, Stephen Covey and all these other big names. Nonetheless, I just wrote. And out came the book How to Become a Leader that People Follow.

Not a bestseller I figure, but it was a good start for me. 5 years later, I took a look at the book and did some small revisions. I realized that most of the principles I had shared 5 years ago still apply as much today.

You’re a loyal subscriber to the newsletter and I’m sure you’ve joined it partly also to read the book. You can download a revised edition of this book by clicking on the image below.


Quote of the Month

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
– Margaret Mead

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