About the Leadership Geeks

Hey, we’re the Leadership Geeks. We’re geeky about… well, leadership. And personal growth, and being the most awesome version of ourselves that we can be.

Life’s all about levelling up, and we’re passionate about that.

In its “previous life”, the site was called Leadership With You. It was a passion project for entrepreneur and corporate trainer, Lin Yihan. He spent over 8 years creating great content for over 3 million visitors! However, as his offline business took off, he had less time to devote to the site.

That’s when the Geek takeover happened. We took over the site in 2016 with the promise to Yihan that we’ll not only keep the site going, but grow it into the best site about Leadership out there!

The reason behind the new name is simple – secretly (or not-so-secretly…), we’re geeks. We love books, video games, sci-fi (among other things). And cats. We love cats. So we wanted to bring our own personalities into the mix.

Who are we?

You’re probably wondering who the real people are behind that awesome cartoonified avatar.

Leadership Geeks

Michael is ‘chief geek’ and owner of Leadership Geeks. He has over 10 years experience as a trainer, facilitator and manager. In his free time he listens to 2-3 audiobooks a week, studies French and Japanese, and loves to explore little known roads on his motorcycle. (Michael: He also feels awkward writing about himself in the third person.)

Liza is a professional writer and is passionate about personal development, leadership and team building. She loves losing herself in a good book, grooving in a hip-hop dance class and the zen of a good yoga session. She’s into pop culture, and is a massive Chris Evans Captain America fangirl. (Liza: Yeah, not gonna lie, I embrace my shame; Evans is a great reason to love Cap!)

We’re like an awesome superhero duo. Like Batman and Robin. Or Kirk & Spock. Or Harry & Hermione (… no Ron yet, but it could happen!).

About this website

Our goal here is to guide you on your journey of becoming an amazing leader.

We know how powerful it can be to be part of a community of like-minded people. Frodo couldn’t have journeyed to Mordor on his own! Having the support and friendship of the Fellowship was integral to reaching their common goal of destroying the One Ring.

So whether you’re new or a returning visitor to Leadership With You, we’re now inviting you to join us on this new adventure as a member of the Leadership Geeks Alliance.

Joining the Alliance is 100% free, and we’re always on the lookout for more Alliance members who are passionate about growth in their personal and professional lives. So if you feel The Force awakening within you, get on board now!

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If you’re not ready to commit to the Alliance, no worries. We aim to provide you with educational, fun, ‘geekified’ content on leadership, time management, team building and basically everything you’d need to be a kick-ass leader.

We hope you stick around, and let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see more of on the site. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@LeadershipGeeks).

Let’s level up our leadership together!

What our fans say…

“I stumbled across your website a few times in my research and I wanted to commend you for the work you are doing. Your site is a great resource for leaders!”
– Johnny, United States

“Your eBook was surprisingly deep for a non-commercial and easily accessible product.”
– John, Germany

“I am compelled to write you personally and say how excited I was to discover your website. Even though I have found many websites on leadership, yours stands out.”
– Emmanuel Lopez

“I am very grateful for your book about leadership. It’s encouraging and it gives us all hope.”
Radovanka, Serbia

If you have feedback for us, please visit the Contact page. We would love to hear from you. Really 🙂

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