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Books on Leadership: Written in 2010 by Leadership Expert Tim Elmore, this book addresses a very important issue in our world today: Dealing with and handling Generation iY and preparing for the future that is to come.

This section delves deeper into the book contents and if you should read it.

What is Generation iY About?

This is a book about leading young people born after 1990s. Generation Y has been traditionally been defined as people who are born after 1984, but the rise of technology and changes in our society have been so rapid that there is a clear distinction between those born in 1984 from those born after 1990s.

This book is an urgent call to save the future for the Generation iY. Tim Elmore asserts that the much harm has been done in the way we have raised this generation; the wrong messages have been given to them about life and all these need to be corrected if we want this generation to make their future bright.

Most people look upon the next Generation with disdain. The Baby Boomers looked upon the Generation X and considered them rebellious and unwilling to work as hard as them, while both of these Generations probably view Generation iY as the soft and strawberry-like generation.

In this important book, Tim Elmore gives the readers suggestions and directions on how to lead the youth of today with proper parenting styles, helping them find true worth instead of superficial self-esteem, employ their strengths and work with their weaknesses in the workplace, and ultimately equipped Generation iY to lead the world into an uncertain future.

Should You Read This Book?

Yes, especially so if you are a parent or an employer of someone from the Generation iY. It’s easy to despise them because they are different from you, but you must learn to engage and lead these people if your organization or family is to have hope in the future.

Being a lecturer, I have attended a few workshops that pertain to teaching and leading Generation iY, and I must say most of the Boomers and Generation X adults simply use words like ‘Strawberry generation’, ‘soft’ or ‘narrow-minded’ to describe the younger generation.

Perhaps it is important to see that it is the parents from this same generation that has created a world and an environment where such Generation iY was brought up in, and they are wholly responsible for creating the behaviors, norms and beliefs of these Generation Y that they now despise.

This book is important to change your mindset about how to approach the Generation iY. How to lead them, how to parent them, how to empower them for the future; these are important questions for your organization if you want to build a lasting organization for the future.

I do strongly recommend this book if you want to gain deeper insights into all these questions. You can get it on Amazon.

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