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Speaking and Listening

This section Effective Communication Skills teaches you the importance of communication in leadership and has articles on improving your communication skills.

Communication is one of the most key qualities of a strong team and a strong leader. A strong leader communicates effectively and often communicates. It is the key by which a leader steers the organization and by extension the people within the organization.

A good leader understands the importance of effective communication skills and seeks to continue communicating with the team on a daily basis.

Communication is most widely understood as speaking. When someone is a termed ‘a good communicator,’ most people picture a charismatic person who has great stage presence; a great public speaker and a captivator of crowds.

That’s one way of looking at it, but good communication is two ways: both speaking and listening.

A good leader understands that communication is an art: When is it time to dictate, to facilitate, to gather feedback and most important, when is it time to listen. These are skills that require a strong understanding of human nature and motivations.


With all the communication books out there, it may appear easy, but in reality, it is an art that needs a lot of practice to master. In fact, with so much information about how to communicate out there, you might end up being more confused than when you started out.

Like practicing a skill like coffee-making, dancing, singing or writing, communicating effectively with your team requires years and years of practice to master.

In this section, there are several articles about communication that will empower and teach you how to communicate better.

Articles on Effective Communication Skills

Learning to listen well
Good listening skills are an essential part of the communication process. Learn how you can become a better listener to your team.

The importance of accountability
If you have been a leader who has delegated work to your team, you would have seen the importance of accountability. You need to teach accountability to your team so that your organization can move in a single direction together seamlessly.

Learning to Praise
Praising people is an essential skill you must learn as a leader. Understand the importance and power of praise in building relationships in your organization.

Being Present
In today’s world where everyone is rushing somewhere, it is important that you learn how to be present wherever you are. Communication is not just about talking, but it’s about being present wherever you are so that you can engage.

The Power of Stories
Theories speak to the head, while stories are the language of the heart. Learn how you can use stories in your speeches and talks to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in people.

How to resolve conflicts well
Conflicts are a common sight in most organizations. While it’s never pleasant to have conflicts, but sometimes it happens where people have misunderstandings or differing opinions; learn how you can manage conflicts well

Keeping that smile on your face!
“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.” Understand why it is so important to hang a smile on your face everyday.

Building Trust, the Foundation of Relationships
Trust is the foundation of relationships. Learn how you can build lasting trust between you and your followers that will help your organization a better place to be in.


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