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A Leadership Minute: Lead by Persuasion

New Articles on Leadership

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A Leadership Minute: Lead by Persuasion

“What do you want?” or “Where do you want to go?” is the essence of the question a good salesperson will ask you.

For a salesperson to successfully make a sale, he/she has to successfully show you how the product can meet your needs and wants.

You see, sales people work with desire. They first seek to find out what you desire in your heart before trying to engage you in a sales pitch. That way, their sales pitch can be tuned and customized effectively to your needs and wants.

Simple needs and wants can range from: Money, financial freedom, career prospects to a happy family, a stable income, a big house, a all new BMW, and so on.

In the case of leadership, it is not about persuading your followers about a desired purchase, but the desired behavior and act of following you.

As the salesperson begins by actively listening out for these needs, so should a leader.

Instead of telling someone immediately why your vision or idea is good or helpful, wisely learn to listen to their needs first. Needs are sieved out through asking good leading questions.

“What do you think fulfilling this vision can mean to you?”

“Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years’ time?”

These are simple leading questions that ultimately help you understand the values, beliefs and desires of the person you are speaking to.

It will be helpful to take this perspective:

You are partnering them to help them achieve their goals. When they get to where they want to be in life, so will you.

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New Articles

Recently, I’ve been updating a few new biographies for leaders. Click to read more about the lives of these leaders and the leadership lessons you can take home from them as well.

Warren Buffet: A thought leader of the financial world and one of the richest investors in the world.

George S Patton: The famous Allied tank commander of WWII.

Hannibal Barca: The brilliant Carthaginian commander of the 2nd Punic War against the Romans.

Recommended Books and Resources

I’ve been reading Habitudes by Tim Elmore recently and I thought it to be a very refreshing way to teach leadership. Instead of the usual leadership lingo you might find in most books, Tim Elmore uses everyday images to drive across lessons on leadership.


You can check his product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month


“I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.”
– Nicco Machiavelli

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