Growing the Leader in You, Issue #003 — Being Proactive in Leadership

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A Leadership Minute: Being Proactive in Leadership

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A Leadership Minute: Being Proactive in Leadership

Becoming a leader means being proactive; it means believing that you can create the circumstances and situations that you envision.

However, most of us unconsciously don’t act proactively. We don’t think like leaders; we think like followers. Instead of taking ownership of a situation, most often we turn to blame, citing a circumstance as a reason why we cannot achieve what we set out to achieve.

I’ve heard or seen these few before.

“I have the right to stay angry because of what this person did to me.”

“If my family was as rich as yours, I would have the freedom to become an entrepreneur.”

“If I had more time, I would have been able to achieve my goals in my life.”

You might as well say, “If only my life was perfect, then I would be able to reach my destiny!”

It all sounds very reasonable to the average person, but you’re not average. You can’t be an average person. You’re an excellent person.

An excellent person never allows his circumstances to weigh him down. Excellent men of history have always thrived in spite of their circumstances. In fact, it was their circumstances that made them who they were today: outstanding men of caliber and integrity!

No doubt, at some point in your day or your week, you’ve caught yourself saying something similar. You’ve blamed your present state on something that has happened to you that is not your fault.

Break out of that state, take ownership right now and do what you have to do!

You have to lead yourself into your destiny.

1) Lead your emotions; don’t let them dictate what you are to do each moment.

2) Lead your relationships; don’t let another person tell you how you’re supposed to live your life.

3) Lead your circumstances; what happens today may not be your doing, but what is going to happen tomorrow is in your hands!

Be proactive in your life, don’t let another day pass you. Stay focused in your spirit, and go out there and do all that you have to do!

To your success,

Recommended Books and Resources

25 Ways to Win with People is a simple but effective book by John C Maxwell and Dr Les Parrott about how to connect with people, collaborate together, and succeed together. I love the way he phrases the book: to win WITH people. Not to win other people, but to win with them.

If you’re always short on time to have a good read, John Maxwell and Dr Les Parrott breaks it down for you into easily manageable chunks for you to daily implement it into your life!


You can check his product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month


“Almost always, it is the creative dedicated minority that has made the world better”
– Martin Luther King Junior

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