Growing the Leader in You, Issue #007 — The Year 2011 in Review

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A Leadership Minute: The Year 2011 in Review

New Articles on Leadership With You

Recommended Books and Resources

Quote of the Month

A Leadership Minute: The Year 2011 in Review

Well, it’s that time of the year again! Festive moods are on; Christmas lights shine in every major city in the world and homes in every suburb are bathed with warm glowing lights.

We are drawing near to the end of 2011 and preparing to usher in 2012. 2011 has been a rather eventful year for all of us; so many global events have happened this past year. Many experts and analysts believe that 2012 will be an even more eventful and volatile year.

How has your 2011 been? Maybe you have had some successes in your career, work, ministry or relationships and maybe you have had some setbacks. 2011 might be a year you would love to remember, or love to forget.

But whatever it is, the most important thing you can do as you look back at 2011 in review is this: What have I learnt from the lessons in 2011?

How have I grown from the experiences in 2011? How have I become a better person?

We like to think that experience is a good teacher. We believe that the more experiences we go through, we’d more likely to become better and wiser. I only partly agree with that. Truth is,

Forward-thinking interpretation of experiences is what helps us grow wiser.

Yes, experiences do help us to grow, but I’m sure you’ve seen bad experiences turn a happy person into a bitter one. This person gets offended by a negative experience, and instead of treating it as learning experience, they take it and hold the offence in their hearts.

Instead of becoming better, he/she becomes bitter.

So as you look back at 2011, ask yourself the right questions; ask yourself what you have learnt from these experiences and how you have become a more mature person through them.

I know that 2012 will be the best year for you yet!

To your leadership success,

New Articles on Leadership With You

One of the best resources I like to search for are quotes off the internet. I find that quotes from wise men of old often speak so much truth that are lost nowadays in our era.

A quote can be a very simple sentence, but contain many life truths in them. That’s what I love about them. In a world where information is everywhere, noise all over the media, great quotes are like gems; diamonds in the rough.

I’ve added 9 more pages of quotes on various aspects of our lives to the website; do check them out. I have quotes on:

Dreams -Quotes about the importance of having dreams
Education -Quotes about the value of true education
Encouragement -Quotes about the need to constantly encourage and praise others
Failure -Quotes about correctly interpreting failure in our lives

And many more!

Recommended Books and Resources

I just purchased this book Midas Touch written by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. This book talks about why some entrepreneurs get rich and why some don’t.

While you may not be an entrepreneur, the principles outlined in this book is relevant to you no matter what position of leadership you are in. Be it in ministry, work or other forms of leadership, the keys they have wisely outlined will be useful for you.

In short, they talk about the 5 keys of success: emotional strength and character, focus, personal branding, relationships and lastly, the little details.

If you are not familiar with these two authors, they are actually one of the most successful business people in the United States today. I believe you’ll pick up a thing or two from reading this new published book by them.


You can check his product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month


“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

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