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A Leadership Minute: Empowering Leadership

Articles on Personality Types

Recommended Books and Resources

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A Leadership Minute: Empowering Leadership

Recently, I’ve been very interested in understand different personality types and suitable careers for corresponding personalities. As such, I’ve been pouring over books and surfing the internet on information about the different kinds of personality classification models.

After searching for quite a while, I’ve found that the MBTI to be the most comprehensive of classification models. I’ve tested the results on a few of my friends and colleagues and they have found the results to be shockingly accurate!

After my friends and colleagues decided on their personality types, we spent the time to read through the descriptions and I found that this helped me to understand them so much better.

If you think about it, the one premise that all personality tests is based on is this: we are all made different.

As a leader, I find that to be such an important position to take because we often unconsciously assume that everyone is similar to us. We mistakenly think that they process information, make decisions and deal with uncertainty the same way we would. As a result, we often see disagreements, misunderstandings and miscommunication in the workplace.

However, a quick and simple personality test exercise will help you to understand that we are all really different.

I think that is so essential in leadership. Your role as a leader is not to make duplicates of yourself; your role as a leader is to draw out the best in every individual. Every individual has certain strengths and weaknesses: your role as a leader is to help them discover that about themselves and place them in roles where their strengths can really shine.

If you notice somebody working under you to be frustrated by his/her job, perhaps you should take the time to understand this person and what about the job that frustrates him/her. Consider changing his role or position within your organization where his strengths can be leveraged.

If you want your organization to be excellent, the best thing you can do is to draw out the best strengths in each individual and collectively, you’ll see marked growth and progress.

To your success,

P.S I have included several links and resources to the MBTI personality test. Do take about 5 minutes to do the test and read about yourself. I promise you it’ll be a time of self-discovery!

Articles on Personality Types

It wasn’t a hard time to find the simple test to do MBTI; just a simple search on “MBTI personality test” can give you a few links to try out the test for free.

The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is a very well developed tool that is useful for your leadership; for self-discovery as well as empowering leadership. From this test, you’ll be able to understand what makes you tick and what frustrates you.

Recommended Books and Resources

I purchased this book by Paul D. Tieger and I found it to be pretty useful. It’s a detailed guide to the different careers that are suitable for your personality type.

It will be useful for you to understand each of your team members as well, to see which role to best place them in!


You can check his product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month


When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.
– William Arthur Ward

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