Growing the Leader in You, Issue #012 – A Tribute to Mothers: The Greatest Leaders in the World

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A Leadership Minute: A Tribute to Mothers: The Greatest Leaders in the World

Articles on Motherhood and Leadership

Recommended Books and Resources

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A Leadership Minute: A Tribute to Mothers

It is Mother’s Day in Singapore as I am writing this, and this article will be a short tribute to our mothers, who really are one of the greatest role models of leadership in our lives.

You might think: ‘How is a mother a leader??

Isn’t her role just to take care of the household and raise the children?

What’s that got to do with building organizations, great companies or ministries?’

So I’m here today to share with you some of the things our mothers do that make them one of the most awesome leaders in the world.

1. Sacrifice
When a mother gives birth to a child, she halts everything else in her life, including her career, aspiration, dreams for herself.

In that, she demonstrates one of the highest forms of leadership, which is sacrifice.

Every good leader understands the costs of building a great organization, and there will be years and years of sacrifice involved.

That’s what our mothers do; years and years of sacrifice and labor to see her own child raised up to be a great man or woman.

2. Grooming
When we want to build a great organization, above all it’s about grooming people.

And in fact, that’s what a mother does.

Through years and years of teaching and guiding, a mother teaches her child to walk, talk, eat, drink until he/she is able to perform these tasks herself.

As leaders, that is essentially our role. We learn to equip our team with skills to be able to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively.

While most of us would give up if a member doesn’t learn fast enough for us, a mother will never give up on her child.

3. Support and Encouragement
A mother will constantly give you support in your life and encourage you to do better.

Just think about it, as a child, when you tripped or fell, who was the first person that you ran to?

Most probably, it was your mother!

That’s what leaders do isn’t it? To constantly encourage and inspire the team to rise up again, especially after failures.

For most people, the task of being a mother seems too mundane; nothing like building a great business or organization.

But really, the mother’s role is one of the highest calling of all jobs.

So today, take the time to appreciate your mother and thank her for the mammoth task she has done to raise you today!

To your success,

Articles on Motherhood

Since it’s a time to honor our mothers, let’s look at some great women leaders in history.

Having done a search on google, I realized that I’m really one of the many people who recognize the parallels between motherhood and leadership.

Mother Teresa: I wrote this article on Mother Teresa sometime back. Amongst all mothers, she has got to be one of the most inspirational in the history of the world!

USA Today: USA Today talks about whether moms make better managers.

Recommended Books and Resources

While we are on the topic of mothers; this one lady, though never married, became a mother to thousands upon thousands of people in poverty and need.


Mother Teresa is truly the mother of mothers. From a group of 12 people, she managed to start up one of the largest enterprises in the world, the Missionary of Charities.

This book I’m recommending presents Mother Teresa as both a leader and a servant, and the principles presented here are timeless wisdom that we can apply in our own lives too. You can check the product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month


One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.
– George Herbert

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