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A Leadership Minute: It’s all about People

Articles on People Leadership

Recommended Books and Resources

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A Leadership Minute: It’s all about People

It’s all about people. Yes, it really is.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re not a leader. The things you do day in and day out have to do with people.

Whether you’re at home preparing a dinner for your children, or at work repairing a computer, you’re there to serve people!

Yes, you can’t run from them. You can’t run from the difficult, annoying, proud people around you that just get on your nerves.

You have got to learn to live with them.

But if you want to be a leader, yes, you have to learn to LEAD them! Sounds like a nightmare, but it’s something that great leaders have already learnt.

  • How do you deal with someone who refuses to listen to your advice?
  • How can you handle that employee who’s always depressed?
  • One of your close associates just had a family tragedy, what can you do?

These are the things you really have to deal with on an everyday basis.

If you’re thinking leadership is about making the big decisions and setting the vision only, you’re dreadfully wrong.

Leadership is all about serving and connecting with people. The better you do this, the more successful you’ll be as one.

  • Do generally get along with people?
  • Do people around you like you?
  • Do your friends trust you with their feelings and honest thoughts?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it’s time to do some reflection and get some feedback.

If all these are important in an everyday setting, it is infinitely more important in a leader-follower relationship.

Here are some basic tips on become a good people person; they’re simple to understand but extremely hard to execute.

  • Be more interested in others than yourself; ask about their day.
  • Practice listening with the heart; keep silent and just try to understand.
  • Use people’s names more often; try to use it at least 2 times in every conversation.

These are simple principles that you might have heard before, and now is the time to start practicing them!

Remember, your success as a leader depends very much on your people leadership skills!

To your success,

Articles on People Leadership

The teambuilding section in Leadership With You has several articles about team building, and in it are many people leadership principles.

Take the time to read through some of these articles and gain knowledge on how you can build and lead an effective team. Some of the articles in this section are:

Characteristics of a Good Team: talks about some important traits that an effective team should possess.

Barriers to Team Success: Learn about the pitfalls in teambuilding and how you can avoid them.

And more…

Recommended Books and Resources

You can’t be successful leading any organization if you don’t have the right skills and character to connect to your team.

John C Maxwell teaches you 5 principles of connecting with people in this group and how to have your team follow you.


You can check the product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month

Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – the ones that last – are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.
– Gillian Anderson

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