Growing the Leader in You, Issue #016 — Creating an optimal-growth working environment

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A Leadership Minute: Creating an optimal-growth working environment

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A Leadership Minute: Creating an optimal-growth working environment

Whether you’re leading a group in a business or a voluntary organization, its growth as an organization is very much tied to the growth of the individuals working or serving within the organization.

If every individual in your organization can grow in competency in their roles, they can push the organization forward together. The key here is: how can you as a leader create an environment that optimizes individual growth?

Let me offer some tips that will be extremely useful for you:

1. Allow for feedback

Sometimes leaders themselves are so comfortable with the status quo that any new idea about improving the way things are done will be completely shut down.

Create an open feedback channel where anybody under the organization can come to you with some suggestions on how things can be improved, and really consider them.

Ultimately, constant change weeds out the stagnant individuals and leaves behind those that seek growth and a better future for the organization.

2. Don’t overwork them

The number one way to stifle creativity and change is to overload your team with work. Instead of thinking forward about the future of the organization, individuals overloaded with work will often just do the necessary and quickly leave to get the rest they so need.

So check with your team about their workload and ensure that they have ample time for relaxation and rest, and they can leave work on time.

Ultimately, this does not just facilitate growth; it also causes these individuals to stay long term in the organization.

3. Rotate their roles periodically

This really depends on whether the organization you are leading allows for this. Rotating roles are a great way to get your team to learn about the different functions within the organization.

This not only causes them to learn what is necessary to move up to the next level, it also helps them to stay alert and vigilant in their spirit.

Often, what happens in an organization is that people stay in the same roles for too long, and their work becomes repetitive and ‘brainless’. Pretty soon, they become too comfortable and stagnant in their posts.

If your organization allows for it, you should come up with a system where every individual can be rotated across departments and functions.

Above all, you must be committed to your own growth as a leader as well. Lead by example and the team will follow suit.

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Recommended Books and Resources

Developing the Leaders around you talks about how you can grow your organization through developing the leaders within your organization.

If you are in the stage of leadership where you see the need to raise up more leaders, this is the book for you.

John Maxwell will offer you even more valuable advice on how you can intentionally help your team to grow.


You can check the product out in Amazon.

Quote of the Month

“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.” .
– John Buchan

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