Growing the Leader in You, Issue #019 — Instilling Passion in Others + New Book:Everyday Leadership

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A Leadership Minute: Instilling Passion in Others

New Articles on my Site

Recommended Books and Resources

Quote of the Month

A Leadership Minute: Instilling Passion in Others

Greetings to you!

It’s been a busy month for me, here in Singapore we celebrated the Chinese New Year, with days of visiting, family and relationships.

Finally, I have the time to sit down and write to you.


It’s February already! Before you knew it, almost two out of 12 months have passed in 2013. Time really flies doesn’t it. It seemed like only yesterday that I felt that 2012 passed by only too quickly.

You must know by now that it is passion that will drive you forward in a positive, constructive manner. By leveraging on the passion derived from a vision, you will find motivation to keep going and growing.

Now the bigger question for you as a leader is: How can you instill this same passion in your team? You might be on fire, raring to go, but your team looks a little lethargic and maybe some even a little lost.

“Ahh.. how can I get them to have the same passion and zeal for life? What would make them get off their chairs and start making things happen?”

Let me share with you some ways you can inspire your team:

1. Remind them of the larger vision.

We all love to be part of something great; something heroic even, and it inspires us to know that our lives are meaningful; that we are building something that is lasting and something that will change our world. People give their lives for that.

2. Share with them how you live your life.

Sometimes we lose our way because our lives get overly-cluttered with unimportant activities. It happens to most people.

You should share with your team about how you choose to organize your day. How you start it; what you do to deal with distraction, and how you end it. People just need a reminder that success in their lives is just a simple change of habit away.

When they realize that,” Hey, I just have to do this simple thing daily in order to become a success in the long run.”.. they DO it!

3. Drop them a text with a relevant quote or message.

We forget. And pretty quickly sometimes.

With the communication technology nowadays, you can easily drop them a short text to inspire them for the day.

Of course, make sure it’s relevant to what you have spoken before, or relevant to what they’re going through right now… you can go to > leadership quotes to find a suitable one.

Go forth and inspire today.

To your success,

New Articles on the Site

Recently, I’ve been writing articles on this website again. They are a collection of my deeper reflections and thoughts… do check them out.

Positive and Negative Change
This article makes the case for the difference between positive and negative changes in your life. While change is a word used often, not all change is good. We must distinguish which kind of change we should pursuing.

Great responsibility needs great power
Great responsibility needs great power talks about the need to empower your team with the necessary tools and resources in order for them to complete their tasks effectively.

Build For Your Future
Build for your future talks about investing in your future. To have a great future, you need to build on these various foundations today, namely: your education, your business, your skills and your relationships.

Believing and Thinking
This article discusses the distinction between what a man thinks and what he believes. Understand this distinction as a leader and learn to discern what a man thinks, and what he truly believes.

Recommended Books and Resources

I’m been working on this book project for almost two years, but it’s finally in the last stages of editing and refining. Everyday Leadership is a book about how you can cultivate the attributes of leadership in your everyday life.

Sometimes we can look at great leaders and think that they’re a kind of a superior human being blessed with a super gifted ability to inspire and lead. But really, they’ve simply practiced what I call Everyday Leadership.

Character and attributes are cultivated; and they’re not cultivated in the spectacular, but in the mundane everyday life. I’m very excited about this book and I’m sure it will inspire you to start the journey to greatness TODAY!


It should be released in the next few months. Keep it a lookout for it!

Quote of the Month

” Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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Best Regards,

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