Growing the Leader in You, Issue #021 — Finding Brothers and Sisters for the Journey

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A Leadership Minute: Finding Brothers and Sisters for the Journey

Recommended Books and Resources

Quote of the Month

A Leadership Minute: Finding Brothers and Sisters for the Journey

In my younger days, I used to serve as the President of a community service student club in my school. My club did local community work, overseas missions and a little into social enterprise.

It was a great time of my life as I led the vision with a great team who would serve alongside me. These were people with big dreams and big hopes for the community.

The sad part is, as we parted company in University and went out to work; some of them have chosen to walk away from the vision. Many have chosen to just focus on their own careers and making sure that they got by fine.

Pursuing a vision is very much like a marathon. Many will start with you, enthusiastic, believing in the greater vision.

But as the race gets harder and distractions come, the number of people that leave the race grows and grows.

But the point here is this: cherish those that have come with you thus far.

In your leadership journey, you have people who have been loyal to you and have been with you all this while. They are precious.

These are the people who will give their lives for something greater than themselves.

They are the ones who keep pushing away competing choices: better jobs, new exciting ventures and have made sacrifices time and again to be with you today.

These are your brothers and sisters. More than friends, they are the ones who will be in the trench with you, suffering with you and celebrating with you.

They are the ones you will see on day in day out.

Whether you are just starting your journey was a leader, or you have been one for a while… always seek out brothers and sisters that have the common vision.

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Recommended Books and Resources

The MBTI course is recently attended was simply awesome. I will be writing a few articles on personality type in due time. Meanwhile, I recommend one of the texts used during the course: Gifts Differing.

Written by the creator of the MBTI personality test, Gift Differing offers its original insight into the world of personality type.

Besides touching on just the basic 16 personality types, Gifts Differing talks about it in relation to marriage, careers, learning styles and personal development. It’s an insightful read and I really believe you’ll learn much more about yourself after this.


Quote of the Month

I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.
– Maya Angelou

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