Growing the Leader in You, Issue #023 — 6 Leadership Habits you should Practice


Good day to you!

It’s been almost a year since I last written to you. I ask for your pardon; I have been involved in other projects and my full-time job as a lecturer that I found it hard to write to you regularly.

And I have decided to simplify my newsletter so that I do not spend so much time coding HTML. Instead, I want to focus on delivering HIGH VALUE leadership content to you.

(If you have noticed, I have revamped the whole website in the meantime with NEW content, resources and essays. Please visit and give your feedback!)

Developing the 6 Habits of Leadership

To grow in leadership is not something that happens in a day. It takes continual practice and application in order to be successful.

As the saying goes, excellence is not an act, but a habit. And that’s why while I’ve not been writing to you, I’ve spent my time researching and writing this ebook for you!

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The six habits are:

1. The practice of everyday vision, or visualizing. You need to be reminded daily about where you’re headed in order to live productively and make good decisions.

2. The practice of everyday integrity. To say what you mean, and to mean what you say; to be punctual for your appointments. When people trust you as a man of integrity, you will be a man of great consequence in the world.

3. The practice of everyday communication. Communication is an art, and learning how to do it properly will help you connect with others deeply and win them to you.

4. The practice of everyday courage. The daily reminder to do what you’re most afraid of, and to stand firm daily against the small little things you usually are afraid of, that’s courage.

5. The practice of everyday discipline. Stay on course; deny the discouragement, distractions and offenses that throw you off your goals.

6. The practice of everyday persistence. Keep at it even though you’re not seeing results and to work hard no matter what the outcome.

7. The practice of continual growth. Have a humble attitude of wanting to keep learning and growing. And that’s why I’m around: to aid in your personal and leadership development constantly.

Practical and Concise

This book will give you practical and concise advice on how you can practice it daily and I know you will be impacted by it.

I will be going through each of this daily disciplines in the next few issues of the ezine.

And that’s not all. Because you have been such a loyal subscriber to my ezine, I’m offering you a 50% discount off my book. This offer is only exclusively for my newsletter subscribers and will be available for the next one week!

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New! Leadership Book Reviews

Ever wondered what leadership or personal development books you should read? I’ve done up a whole section in the website on book reviews.

Having read over a few hundred books on personal development, I have found a few must reads and if you want a book summary before you read it, this section is for you!

Other websites:

Personality Central
Personality Central is a website based on the teachings of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. I found personality so fascinating I have started a whole website on it!

Personality Type has application in several areas of our lives including: our leadership, our conflict resolution styles, our career choices, our spirituality and more.

If you learn about personality, you learn about yourself in all these areas as well!

I have also created a free personality test for all visitors. If you’re a fan of personality tests, you can go give it a try too!

Click on the link to find out more about yourself!

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