How to Improve Communication Skills By Being Present

Many people want to know how to improve communication skills, but it’s actually a very simple thing to do. Learn to be present.

There’s a saying that goes, “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.”

being present

You know sometimes there are be so many things going through our minds that we don’t really know what’s going on right now in the present.

We checked out.

Because of life’s pressures, we get overwhelmed by so much that we start to get anxious, worrying and jumpy about our lives. Our hearts beat fast, racing from one thing to do and then another.

Then when somebody comes and wants to share something, we brush them off with a simple, “I’m sorry, I’m busy today.” or we just quickly brush them off with quick comments.

Or even if we’re in the midst of the conversation, when someone is sharing their heart with us, we’re thinking about the next thing we have to do after this talk, the next deadline we have to meet.

“Oh no, I just realized I have to submit my project proposal by this Friday.”

Things like that go through our head, and while our physical bodies are in front of the other party, our hearts have flown elsewhere a long time ago.

Then, we try to hard to understand when someone tells us that we don’t listen. But you remember that you just spoke to that someone only yesterday. And she was doing most of the talking!

Being Present

To be the best communicator around, it’s not about mastering techniques on verbal and non-verbal communication. It’s about learning to be present and engage the other party.

It means that when you sit down with another, be ready to listen, and put all your other emotional and work baggage aside.

Face the person you’re listening to, and keep an eye-contact with the person. Seek to understand the person’s point of view, and read between the lines. You can understand much more about what a person is saying when you start being fully present.

It a simple principle; but it’s powerful; only a few people have really mastered it.

And as a leader, you become an extremely good communicator as you learn to be present with your team. When they are speaking and giving you feedback, it takes you to be fully present there to catch everything you need to catch.

Is the person unhappy but voicing it out only in reason?

Is there some truth in what the person is saying or is he just saying it because of personal pride?

You need to be present.

It’s a gift to the people around you.

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