Inspirational Story: Nick Vujicic

This is an inspirational story of Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic is a man who was born without his 4 limbs. Yet this is not a story of a man who is needy, but one who is so full of joy and hope that he himself brings light to people around him.

Nick Vujicic is a man without limbs. Yet Nick is not someone who is depressed, bitter or upset about what has happened in his life. In fact, he’s someone full of joy and happiness in his life.

This is a great testimony for all of us to learn about making the best that we have. Nick Vujicic once said that the greatest disabilities that all of us have are not physical; guilt and fear are what cripple men the most.

And with that life philosophy, he goes on to live his life with purpose. Now, he goes all over the world sharing the gospel as well as speak in huge events and conventions.

If there was anyone that can complain about not being ‘entitled’ enough in life, it would be Nick Vujicic. But he chose to take what he had and maximised all of it.

We must have the same attitude to life as well. Instead of constantly thinking about what we don’t have, perhaps it is time to start thinking about what we have.

People who constantly think about what is lacking in their lives will come out bitter, depressed or angry. These actually describes alot of people out there in our world, and they end up never doing anything great in their lives.

When we start focusing on what we have in our lives, we will maximise our potential by continually exercising our talent. We think about our core competencies and we focus our energies to hone ourselves till eventually, we become experts at it.

Nick Vujicic is truly a real life inspiration to all who see and hear him. I have personally seen him speaking before and he is a truly amazing person.


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Nick Vujicic is a man who was born without his 4 limbs. Yet this is not a story of a man who is needy, but one who is so full of joy and hope that he himself brings light to people around him. Watch this video and see how Nick Vujicic lives and the people whose lives he has impacted through his work.


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