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This section on Leadership Books will give you several recommendations on good reads for leaders to increase your personal effectiveness, ranging from books on Personal Growth, Team Building, Influence, Leadership and Biographies.

Finding good leadership books is essential to your continual growth as a leader. In order to lead your organization from strength to strength, you have to constantly improve your approach to leadership.

Margaret Thatcher once said that great leaders are great readers, but not all great readers are great leaders.

She saw the continual growth and improvement as a key factor in developing outstanding leaders.

So you must have a library of books as well. I myself am an avid reader of books… I read from across several disciplines ranging from leadership, personal development, marketing, sales, public speaking, personality, spirituality, investing, economics and even fashion.

I see the importance of reading across disciplines because it not only interests me, but I am able to make connections in principles and truths that are found across all of them. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, I am also able to make better decisions as a leader.

Through my hundreds of readings, I have also sieved out some of the best books for you to read that will improve your ability as a leader. Below I have listed some of my favorite books on leadership, sales, public speaking and personal development.

List of Leadership Books

Books on Leadership

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The staple classic written by the late Stephen R Covey, this book has become one of the world’s bestsellers in personal development and effectiveness.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
One of John C Maxwell’s first books on leadership and also his bestseller, this book has become a bestseller and a must read for all leaders who want to understand the principles behind leadership.

Habitudes Series
A combination of the words Habit and Attitude, Tim Elmore talks about some important truths about leadership visually and with some simple exercises.

Books on Marketing and Selling

The Psychology of Persuasion
Kevin Hogan gives us a framework of selling to others, from the fundamentals, preparation and to the final presentation and more.

Ziglar on Selling
The late ZIg Ziglar was one of the famous gurus of sales, and in one of his last few books, he details the essence of all that he has learnt about sales and life.

Books on Personality

Please Understand Me
David Keirsey, the developer of Temperament Theory, writes a book about the four key different personalities and how they act, think, behave and more.

Gifts Differing
Isabel Briggs Myers teams up with Peter B Myers to write a great book describing the famous personality test, Myer Briggs Type Indicator. It’s a great book to help you understand Personality Type in depth.


Alex Ferguson
The bestselling book of one of British’s greatest football managers, Sir Alex Ferguson details his life and interaction with some of football’s biggest superstars.

Books by Leadership Geeks

We’ve been doing this a while, so we wrote some books ourselves!

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