Video on Leadership: Patience Principle

This is a video on Leadership Patience Principle talks about the importance of being patient with people when you’re dealing with them. You can learn from the video about how you can too, be patient.

This is a short video on Leadership: Patience Principle as inspired by John C Maxwell’s book, Winning with People, done by Compco Communications.

As a leader, it is important to learn to be patient with people. This is especially true if you’re a competent and efficient worker yourself. You must understand that not everyone can learn at the same pace, nor catch ideas and instructions as fast as you can. In fact, that’s why you’re the leader!

This video illustrates and explains what happens when the leader of a group does not know how to handle people that are slower than him.

Instead of empathizing with how his subordinate felt about not being able to complete the work on time, he scolded her for having a bad attitude and accused her of trying to make life difficult for him.

This is a perfect example of what NOT to do at the work place. Can you imagine the resentful feelings that would arise from that outburst?

Watching the video will help you take a second look at yourself in this regard. Are you the type of person who is patient and forgiving with your subordinates, or do you scold them whenever something comes short of your expectation?

I hope that this video will help you become a more patient person and aid you in working with people more harmoniously as you embrace their differences.


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I’ll be adding more leadership videos in time to come, so do come and check in often; I’m sure these leadership videos inspired you as much as they inspired me!


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