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This section Quotes about Leadership has over 700 quotes made by great men and women of old. Learn about them here and apply them in your speeches, talks and use them for your personal inspiration.

Over the years, many great leaders of old have made quotes about leadership that are worth mentioning again and again because they represent principles that are timeless. No matter how times change, there are certain truths about life that stand forever, whether in 1000 BC or in 2050 AD.

As such, these quotes are extremely beneficial for you for use, for meditation and inspiration.

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Why Use Quotes?

» Quotes are useful for lending credibility to a point.

Most of us do not have the authority to preach or expound on life, when the fact is that most of us are trying to figure out our lives ourselves. However, when we use quotes in our speeches or talks, we are borrowing authority from these leaders of old. We are using their opinion and hence it delivers with much more impact than otherwise.

Some time ago, I was trying to explain to my team the importance of having a vision in their lives, suddenly the quote, ‘The man doesn’t make the vision, but the vision makes the man’. This was said by the pastor of the largest church in the history of Christianity.

The credibility that I borrowed from this man gave me the power to speak deeper into my team’s lives. If I had said it on my own authority, people might have doubted what I said. But I had said it on a great leader’s authority. This helped me put it across and for people to receive it without doubt.

» Quotes are useful in explaining principles.

Besides that, quotes about leadership are also useful in explaining certain principles as well. For example, if you needed to talk to your team about commitment, you can look up commitment quotes in the section below.

There are times when I’m stuck explaining a certain principle, a quote will come up that will remind me about a certain leadership principle that would immediately give me an added dimension to explaining the point.

Immediately I could follow up with an explanation and elaboration, and it added a lot more substance to what I said.

» Quotes are useful for your personal inspiration.

It’s powerful to read through quotes about leadership and start meditating on one or two of them. Often, they are filled with truths and principles that we should focus on.

If there was ever a time you need motivation or inspiration, looking through quotes about leadership will be extremely useful.

In the section below, I have prepared first a list of great leadership quotes with elaborations that you can use for your speeches or even personal reflections. Besides quoting the quote, I have also added my own insights in it.

Table of Quotes
About Leadership

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30 Top Attitude Quotes
30 Top Courage Quotes
20 Top Commitment Quotes
30 Top Vision Quotes
30 Top Team Building Quotes
30 Top Change Quotes
20 Top Integrity Quotes
20 Top Self-Discipline Quotes
21 Top Passion Quotes
21 Top Management Quotes
21 Top Leadership Quotes
30 Top Dream Quotes
21 Top Education Quotes
25 Top Encouragement Quotes
45 Top Failure Quotes
30 Top Freedom Quotes
20 Top Faith Quotes
21 Top Honesty Quotes
20 Top Hope Quotes
30 Top Inspiring Quotes
22 Top Action Quotes
23 Top Appreciation Quotes
23 Top Forgiveness Quotes
21 Top Goal Setting Quotes
25 Top Growth Quotes
21 Top Habit Quotes
22 Top Persistence Quotes
21 Top Positive Quotes
21 Top Relationship Quotes

35 Top Success Quotes
27 Top Work Quotes
58 Top Resilience Quotes

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