Team Building Techniques

Building an Effective Team in Your Organization

This section Team Building Techniques will give you insight about team building, teach you techniques and principles you can apply to build a successful and effective team in your organization.

The ways people work in organizations have changed dramatically over the years.

From the traditional top-down management approach in most organizations, now about 80% of Fortune 500 organizations have half of their employees on teams.

Teams can be extremely powerful in organizations because they can help you utilize the maximum potential of every individual within the team.

Instead of just listening to instructions from the manager, now every member in the organization can contribute effectively in the context of a team.

The team is different from the work group. People working in a group don’t necessarily qualify them as a team. Click here to learn about the difference between the two.

Also, there are many different types of teams within an organization. Depending on the nature of your organization, you have to decide what types of teams are the best.

For example, there are special purpose teams that come together for specific projects; and there are working teams which stay together for their work life to fulfil a specific function in the organization.

So the question is, should you convert your organizations to teams? While teams can be very beneficial, there are some situations you should consider not using teams in your organization. Click here for an article to understand if you should convert to teams.

Before you form your organization into working teams, there are some things you have to take note of. I have placed all of these in articles relating to team building techniques below.

Articles on Team Building Techniques

Creating a Team Mission Statement
Before your team can work effectively, you must set the vision for the team so that every individual in the team understands the purpose of coming together. Are they coming together for a common interest, a specific project, or for a long term vision?

Examples of Team Mission Statements
Here are some examples of good mission statements used in the biggest companies in the world. Learn the elements required in a mission statement and how you can draft a good mission statement.

Formulating Great Team Mottos
A team motto captures the values of a team in a few words or a phrase. Learn about some simple team mottos and how you can create a great team motto for your team.

Setting the Stage for Teamwork
Before you send your team off to do their task, you must set the context and the foundation so that your team will succeed. You need to set expectations, make certain rules within the team and more.

The Barriers to Team Success
There are several barriers to building a successful team. Learn about the pitfalls in teambuilding and how you can avoid them.

Characteristics of Good Teams
Every good team has similar characteristics. Learn six invaluable characteristics that are required to groom an effective, successful team.

Why Doesn’t My Team Speak Up?
Getting your team to speak up is probably one of the greatest challenges you will have as a leader. You need to move your team’s mindset from the traditional top-down decision making process into the new paradigm.

Generating a Cool Team Name
Creative, Clever and Cool Team Name is an article about choosing the right name for your team. It also provides you with a random team name generator that you can use to brainstorm for ideas!

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