Vision In Leadership

Pointing the Way For Your Team

Vision In Leadership sets the path and guides the way for your organization to move forward. Do you set a vision for your organization? Or do you allow circumstance to dictate the kind of work you and your organization do

If you ask most managers or leaders: where are you bringing your organization to? What is the vision for this group/organization? Where do you want them in 5 years?

Most won’t give you a straight answer. Many will fumble and struggle to find the right words to tell you.

This is a problem with many teams and organizations. Without a vision, people tend to use other factors to decide if they like the organization. They’ll see if they like their co-workers; they’ll think about whether the pay is sufficient, and they will leave the second somebody offers them a better pay package.

If you have been in the corporate world long enough, you’ll know that most employees merely work because it pays the bills; and they’ll always be waiting for that increment in pay or someone else to offer better salary to them. Most do not bother about the collective goal of the organization and, everyone is fighting for themselves and their personal promotion.

So without a vision, office politics often come in and disrupt the dynamics of the organization.

The Corporate Vision

Every organization is set up with a vision, including yours. At some point, a pioneer had a dream about what he wanted to do; he visualized it, and he made into reality through the company, organization or group.

In order to move the team forward with a vision, you got to be clear about the CEO or founder’s vision. Or if you’re the founder, you need to remind yourself of the vision that caused you to start the organization in the first place.

You can either create a vision yourself, and endgoal you want everyone to get to together or you can join into the vision of the founder and play your part in fulfiling that vision.

Shared Reward

Most people still don’t buy into the vision of an organization because they do not share in the rewards. The employees of the organization work hard and labor, but yet most organizations distribute their superior profit to shareholders and owners only.

Isn’t it obvious why most people don’t buy into the vision of the organization? Why would they want to work so hard for some nameless person that they don’t know to become rich?

Some bigger organizations find a way to share rewards through stock options or dividends, but usually only with top management. Still, most organizations are 95% run by people who cannot share in the reward.

If you want to create a team that believes in the vision and will fight for the vision, you have to find a way to share the spoils of victory with them.

Qualities of a Good Corporate Vision

A good vision excites.

Visions of the future should excite people. It must be a future that everyone is longing to create. It is that excitement that can bring out the passion in people to commit.

A good vision stretches.

A good vision challenges people to rise beyond their comfort zone and develop as an individual to become better, stronger, to become more of a man than today. If a vision does not stretch everyone’s capacity means it cannot qualify as a vision; it is simply a task.

A good vision is clear.

While a good vision is pretty much imagination, but it must be clear enough that everyone on the team can visualize what you are talking about. Vague visions are as good as not having a vision at all. You must be extremely specific; detailing everything that you see in your mind’s eye to your team.

A good vision includes everyone.

Remember that you are not getting your team to buy into your personal agenda. You guys have a common agenda, and it’s a win-win for everyone on the team.

Vision in leadership is very powerful, and it can draw commitment from people like nothing else can. Many of the most powerful leaders in history have been visionary leaders, and they changed their world by following through on a vision they’ve yet.

A vision begins with a thought or an idea but when put into action, it can change teams, communities and even nations!

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