Best CrossFit Team Names

Best Crossfit Team Names

So you’ve put together a great crossfit team, and now you need a great name to go with your fantastic team. 

Leadership Tip:
A great team name can make your team stand out against the competition and even help to create camraderie within your team.

We’re here to help you with finding a name. We’ve brainstormed over 100 of the best crossfit team names. Without further ado, here are the best crossfit team names:

Clever Crossfit Team Names

Looking for a clever name to intimidate the opposing teams? Here are a few you can try…
  1. No Pain No Gain
  2. The dirty mudder funkers
  3. Panic! At the FIT-co
  4. Young, Dumb, and Unbroken (Young, Dumb, and Broke)
  5. RUNdezvous
  6. Mind Over Mudder
  7. The Weight List
  8. In WOD We Trust
  9. Big Dippers
  10. Take the High WOD
  11. WOD-tastic Wonders
  12. Slims in the gyms

CrossFit Women’s Team Names

Here are some of our favorite names for all-female CrossFit teams:
  1. Neandergals
  2. The Barbellas
  3. WODerwomen (wonderwomen)
  4. Crazy Little Thing Called WOD
  5. Meaty Divas
  6. Kettle Bellas
  7. The She-Hulks
  8. Terrific Pukies
  9. Burpee Babes
  10. Legs Miserables
  11. The Dream Team
  12. Booty Busters
  13. Feisty Females
  14. Kill this WOD

CrossFit Men’s Team Names

Looking for a name for your all male team?  Here are a few that might work…
  1. The Clean and Jerks
  2. Sensitive To Pain
  3. The Scream Team
  4. Hustle the muscle
  5. The slim pack
  6. Muscle Mania
  7. Tabata Spartans
  8. Let’s MU (Muscle Up)
  9. Muscle Legends
  10. Captain Barbels
  11. Burpee Kings
  12. The Six Packs (replace the number six with the number of people on your team)
  13. Weigh Less

Funny Crossfit Team Names

Sometimes you just need a silly name. Here’s a few CrossFit related funny names to try:
  1. Chubby No More’s
  2. Donut Droppers
  3. Fats all Folks!
  4. Cirque de Sore Legs
  5. The Green Smoothies
  6. Run-tastic Beasts and Where to Find them
  7. Burpee’n Like Miley
  8. Copy catz
  9. Pukie’s Choice
  10. WOD’s in a name?
  11. WOD are you looking at?

Cool CrossFit Team Names

For those times when you want to ‘out-cool’ your opponents.
  1. Slow Burners
  2. The Gang
  3. Flex Appeal
  4. WOD’ling Masters
  5. Blazing Kippers
  6. Hungry Glutes
  7. WOD Pack (Wolf Pack)
  8. WOD Runners (Road Runners)
  9. Kettlebell Heroes
  10. The Titans
  11. Jacked Street Gang

Creative CrossFit Team Names

  1. Bad Fat Chuckers
  2. Bros before rows
  3. One Hit Mudder
  4. Lastic Men
  5. Jumpin’ Squatters
  6. Slimpossible
  7. Pimp My Stride
  8. Booty Busters
  9. No Burpees No Cry
  10. Netflix and WOD

CrossFit Team Names for Partners

  1. Sole Mates
  2. Fit and Right
  3. Booty and the Beast
  4. Hustle and bustle
  5. Weightlifting Fairies
  6. Buff and nonsense
  7. Sexy Mudder Fockers
  8. The Scream Team
  9. One for the WOD
  10. We are HIIT
  11. The Fitness Freaks

Badass CrossFit Team Names

  1. Bro-tal Force
  2. Insane Chippers
  3. Hustle, Hit, and Never Quit
  4. Hustle, Hit and Always Fit
  5. Marine Cores
  6. Guts To Rave
  7. The Cliff Hangers
  8. Fat Earthers
  9. Fire Blowers
  10. Pain Killers
  11. The Weighting Game

Crossfit Team Names from Movies

  1. Walking Dead Lifters
  2. Love at First Tights
  3. Spongebob Slowpants
  4. How I Met Your Mudder
  5. Lift Forrest, Lift!
  6. The WODfather
  7. The Squatbusters
  8. The Good, the Bad, and the Jumpy
  9. Heaven Can’t Weight
  10. WOD Side Story
  11. Gone with the WOD
  12. The Raging Bulls
  13. Raiders of the Lost Arms
  14. Silence of the Hamstrings
  15. StarWods
  16. Dances with WODs
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Maybe try our free Team Name Generator.

Which name did you choose for your crossfit team?  Did you come up with a great crossfit team name that’s not on our list? Leave it below in the comments please!

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