Michael is ‘chief geek’ and owner of Leadership Geeks. He has over 10 years experience as a trainer, facilitator and manager. In his free time he listens to 2-3 audiobooks a week, studies French and Japanese, and loves to explore little known roads on his motorcycle. (Michael: He also feels awkward writing about himself in the third person.)

Transactional vs Transformational Leadership

What are the differences and similarities between Transactional and Transformational leadership? Below we examine each leadership style, and then come to some conclusions about how the two styles differ. What is Transactional Leadership? Transactional leadership is a common form of leadership most often found in the middle management level. Transactional leaders are usually directive; they

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30 Quotes About Leadership From George Washington

George Washington was arguably one of the greatest leaders in American history. His clear morality, unparalleled discipline, and strong vision for the future helped him to become one of the Founding Fathers, and first President of the United States.  We can learn a lot from his leadership, and especially by studying his quotes about leadership.

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