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To be an effective, inspiring leader, learn from the best. Role modelling and learning from successful people is one way of improving your leadership skills.

In this section, we look at spiritual leaders who have inspired, influenced and even changed the thoughts, beliefs and values of their age.

In each spiritual leadership profile, you will find:

» A Short Biography
» Leadership Lessons
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We hope that the profiles help you understand these leaders in a deeper way and provide useful lessons on how to emulate their success in leadership and life.

So put on your Padawan hats, and get to learning some leadership lessons from these notable leaders!

Spiritual Leaders

» Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a political and spiritual leader of India. Through his cause, he helped India gained its independence and is honored in India as the Father of the Nation.

» Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was an Albanian Roman Catholic, and was a famous humanitarian who started the Missionary of Charities. For most of her life, she spent it ministering to the poor, sick and needy people all over the world.

» Jesus

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, as known by Christianity. He lived in ancient Israel in the first century and is known by many as the Son of God. Christians believe that Christ was crucified on the cross for all of mankind’s sins; that he died, was buried and was resurrected.

» Buddha

Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, also known by many as the “enlightened one”. According to history, he achieved enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree after 49 days of meditation. He then travelled throughout Nepal and India to preach the Way.

» Kong Hee

Kong Hee is the founder, honorary and volunteer senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore. Kong has a philosophy of ministry that emphasizes the Great Commandment, Great Commission, and Cultural Mandate.

» Billy Graham

Billy Graham is one of the top preachers and evangelists of the 20th century. Throughout his crusades all over the world, it is estimated he has led over 2.5 million souls to Jesus Christ.

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