Free Team Building Activities: Creating A Team Mission Statement

Free Team Building Activities – Creating a Team Mission Statement is a group activity meant to find out the common purpose of existence of the group through the team members. This must not be confused with goals.

Goals are objectives to meet built upon the foundation of purpose, which is defined by the mission statement. You can read more about creating a team mission statement here as well.


  • For agreeing on the team mission of a group
  • For teams to understand the value of mission statements
  • To train participants in writing good team mission statements

Team Size:

About 6-8 participants. This really depends on the size of your management team or group. Do remember to choose relevant people to attend this meeting. If you’re a big organization, management should be the people that attend; if you’re a small group, all should attend.

Materials Required:

Time Required:

Ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours. It depends on the size of your organization and the importance of the team mission.


  1. Get everyone seated in a U-shape or a circle.
  2. Begin the session with a short talk about the importance of a team mission statement, and state that the objective in the session is to create a mission statement for the team.
  3. Begin the session by asking everyone to write down what they believe should be the mission statement of the organization.
  4. There will be helpful leading questions in the form: Creating a Team Mission Statement.
  5. After about 20 minutes, get each individual to present their ideas on the team mission statement with their views.
  6. The facilitator should place some key points or good statements on the flip chart/board.
  7. The group will go into discussion and brainstorm the best mission statement, which is usually a hybrid of the individual mission statements.
  8. When everyone has presented, use the Evaluating a Team Mission Statement Sheet to evaluate the mission statement.
  9. The team will talk through the questions one by one and further refine the statement until everyone is fully satisfied with the final mission statement.

Debriefing Notes:

  1. Does everyone enthusiastically agree with the corporate goals that are set?
  2. Does everyone in the group know their exact role in making sure the goals come to pass? You can do a round the table check by asking each participant about this.

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