Chapter 1: What is Leadership About, Anyway?

Are you new to leadership? Is the idea of leading someone new to you? If you’re someone who has been to my site, I doubt it.

Leadership is probably something that you’ve been doing for a while now.

The thing is, leadership is a very natural process. You don’t have to be called a leader to lead.

In fact, if you took your dog for a walk in the park; you’re a leader!

If you asked your kids to duly go to bed at 9pm and they listened; you’re a leader!

John C Maxwell aptly describes leadership in a simple phrase: All leadership is influence.

If you can influence someone in any way, you’re a leader.

It doesn’t matter if you tried or not; you could be a leader with both your eyes closed!

But of course, there are varying degrees of leadership.

There are powerful influential leaders who can change history, and there are poor leaders who can’t even manage a small team properly.

There are great leaders like Winston Churchill who inspired Britain to fight the invading Nazis; and Hitler who could turn a nation against the rest of the world.

And then…

There’s your supervisor whom you simply cannot stand; or your boss whom doesn’t seem to care about anything else but his own promotion in the company!

So what differentiates a good leader from an average leader?

What makes one man so influential and another just.. normal?

The study of leadership is precisely for this purpose; how you can become a great man of influence who can change your community, wherever you are.

And this eBook is to help you move toward the goal of becoming that leader that you always envisioned yourself to be.

1.2 What is this eBook about?

This eBook was created for a simple reason;

To help you become a man of influence.

Whether you’re a pastor in a church, a manager in a multi-national company, or the leader of a youth group, I have discovered that the same leadership principles apply to you as well.

If you are looking for success in growing your church, improving sales in your company or simply inspiring your youth group, this eBook is for you.

This eBook contains original content written by me, coupled with a lot of valuable experience that I’ve gained over the years and I want to share it with you.

I don’t proclaim to be the best leader around, but I believe that we should never despise our experiences and always be ready to share them with the world. I believe you can receive something from my experience.

In this eBook, I will be talking about becoming a leader that people follow.

In our world today, there is a lot of talk about a person should DO to become a leader; techniques he must adopt, frameworks he can use, principles he can rely on.

But in this book, I would like to talk about BECOMING the leader that matters.

But why is that important?

Ultimately, what differentiates you in the long run from the rest of the people is not what you do, but who you are.

You could learn that it is important to praise people, and so you keep it in your mind to praise and encourage your team whenever the situation arises.

However, the better alternative is to become a thankful person.

Become someone who appreciates the people around him/her. That way, you don’t have to keep reminding yourself to praise. You praise naturally. You dish out encouragement freely.

You see the difference?

One is about DOING, the other is about BEING.

I will seek to share this message with you through the:

•Exposition of Leadership Principles

I will talk about a leadership principle for every chapter and its importance in ensuring your leadership success.

I will do my best to keep everything short and sweet.

There will not be long expositions and studies on these principles, but just short, succinct ideas and how you can apply them.

•Sharing and Exposition of Leadership Quotes

In each chapter, I will use quotes to further support the points I am making.

Leadership principles are never original because the same principles have applied for thousands of years; so there are really no new principles underlying success in leadership.

Quotes I use will reinforce the leadership principles I’m making. They show you that I’m not the only person with the same idea.

• My Personal Experiences

I have served as a leader in my organization, University-YMCA for about 3 years now and I’m currently President of the organization.

Through these 3 years, I have made many mistakes that I could have avoided, but all of it proved to be invaluable experiences for me.

I hope that the sharing of my personal experiences will greatly benefit your personal leadership journey as well.

• Practical Questions that you ask yourself

At some of the chapters, I have inserted some questions that you can ask yourself. This is for self-evaluation.

One of the greatest tools of a leader is the ability to reflect on your own actions and be self-aware about your beliefs and behaviours.

It is this tool that will help you continually grow as a leader. Use the questions well and take them seriously.

I guarantee that they will benefit you in your journey!

Before I begin talking about the leadership principles, perhaps it would be good for me to talk to you about my personal leadership journey and how it has transformed my life…

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