Optimism in Leadership

Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Optimism in leadership is one essential quality you must have toward life. An optimistic person is excited about his future and there is certain energy about his life.

He is not fearful of the uncertainties that life brings, but he looks forward in anticipation, knowing that life will only get better and better.

Attitude is everything. Optimism is one of the many attitudes you should adopt, especially as a leader.

Nicholas Murray Butler once said,”Optimism is essential to achievement, and it is also he foundation of courage and true progress.”

It is only when you are optimistic about your future that you can be a progressive person; someone who continually improves and moves toward the future.

A pessimistic person, on the other hand, is afraid of the future. He is afraid of the failures, anxieties, problems that the future will bring. A pessimistic person is fearful about the future.

That is why optimism is the foundation of courage. Without the prospect of a promising future, who would have the courage to face and overcome today?

Is Optimism Just Wishful Thinking?

However, many people like to dismiss optimism as wishful thinking. “They’re just daydreaming”, they would say.

Oliver Pell even once said,” Optimism is a psychological disorder exhibited by those out of touch with reality.”

What a strong statement to make of the positive people in our world today. But the truth is, these people say these things because deep inside their hearts, they’re envious of the kind of life these optimistic people lead; happy, joyous, hopeful.

They have been disappointed by life before and they don’t want to hope again, in case they get hurt by disappointment again.

The reality is this: You create your reality. It is your attitude today that determines your future.

Asking people to be realistic is one thing, but asking them not to live like there’s a great future ahead of them is another.

As a leader, don’t ever listen to another person who tells you to be ‘realistic’ when you share a dream or a vision with him.

Remember that the world is changed by people whom were called out-of-touch, weird dreamers.

Understand what defines the line of realism and optimism. Yes, when your company is making $10,000 in monthly sales, telling them to believe in $1 million sales the next month is a unrealistic.

But telling them that one day, eventually they’ll reach the $1 million mark is optimism.

As a leader, you have to know the difference between optimism in leadership and just simply being out of this world.

Pessimism Drains Energy

I think you must have had your experiences with optimistic and pessimistic people before. So did I.

If I were around a negative person, I find myself getting tired out very quickly; and I would not be around him for very much longer.

How would you like it if you came home from work everyday, all tired and worn out; you go onto your online messenger and then your good friend starts telling you about how sad life is and he starts ranting about how people are mistreating him. You’ll be smart to find a quick exit. “Sorry, I got to go!”

I mean, there’s always a time for someone to share their heart with you, but you can see people who are just simply complaining about their lives all the time.

Pessimistic people drain energy from you. Negative people are like a vortex; they drain away everything good in their surroundings

Optimism Gives Energy

Optimistic people, on the other hand, give energy. When you are around them, the day just seems brighter; the birds seem to be chirping louder, the future looks brighter.

I’m sure you have friends who are the encouraging sort; the ones that will push you on when you’re close to giving up. These people attract.

And as a leader, it is your optimism that attracts people. When you’re an energetic, dynamic individual full of hope in the future, you’ll find that a lot of people want to be around you.

In a world where everything seems so bleak, where news is usually bad news, people are looking for people that radiate hope.

If you want to become a successful leader that people want to follow, remember that optimism in leadership is essential and will draw men to you!

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